End2End Bundle Program

However you’re handling your cooking oil, you will benefit with OilCare®.

Our modular equipment lineup for handling fresh and used oil offers customized, flexible, right-sized solutions for fryer automation equipment, cooking oil filtration, cooking oil monitoring, fryer oil disposal, and waste cooking oil removal equipment.

Maximize profits by using every last drop of oil and by maintaining that fresh oil for as long as possible by using superior filtration and our exclusive automatic top-offs. Then, when it’s time to sell your higher-quality, greater-yield collections of used oil, you are assured the industry’s most competitive rebates. Finally, we don’t rope you into any service you don’t want or need. Pay for only the services you want and upgrade or cut back as you see fit.

Maximize safety by reducing (or completely eliminating) the need for employees to come in contact with oil. A direct-plumbed system routes oil using a no-touch network of piping and tubing from the box to the vat and then, when the cooking oil is spent, to the collection tank.

If plumbing your oil management system isn’t right for you, no worries. We have portable caddies that make vat draining and used oil transport partially enclosed and much safer.