Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of moving parts for a service as comprehensive as ours. We’re sure you have questions. Know that in almost all cases our business is built to be flexible enough to help your business manage its fresh and waste cooking oil precisely how you need us to. Got a question that’s not listed here? Contact us!

We currently service the entire North American market, including Puerto Rico. Utilizing our network of trusted industry partners, OilCare will function as your single point-of-contact for all service needs, even if you have locations outside of our primary service area. Because we partner exclusively with established service providers, we can continually add resources to meet customer needs.

Yes. Our default tank is our indoor 200-gallon collection tank. Customers get the most value with this option. Waste oil tanks may be upgraded based on volume or for outdoor placement. Upgrades are also available for rotisserie waste, grill grease, filters, etc.; or add fresh cooking oil automation equipment (additional charges may apply).

The best part is you won’t have to make the call! Our M3 Data Management System is constantly monitoring your volumes and, when the time is right, schedules pickups as part of our regular logistics schedule. However, we have a push button system on the control panel if you want to make the call yourself. When you request a pickup directly your OilCare renderer will communicate directly with you, sharing the time zone when collections will occur.

The big OilCare difference? We’re negotiating on your behalf! Other turnkey services make your life easier, but all the financials tip in their favor. And if you try and go it alone, well, there’s a lot of work aligning service providers, not to mention some equipment costs that you have to incur. With OilCare, we set up oil management equipment in your store, negotiate and manage delivery of fresh oil, manage the waste oil reclamation process, and manage and bank all rebates on waste oil to your account. We work 100% off volume numbers generated by M3. We even recycle your spent fresh oil cartons! We’re all on the same page and the program results are transparent. In the end, you get top dollar and we maintain the network. When the program terms are over, you own the equipment. No more monthly fees unless you choose to maintain a service plan. Again…it’s about your choices — and savings!

Yes! OilCare is built on the principal that there is NO one-size-fits-all solution. YOU pick what you need and only pay for what you need!

First, let us describe what we do. One of the things we do best is find you the best oil for your fried food’s flavor profile at the best price. We will also deliver quality fresh oil in the freshest ULTRA-35 oil boxes and then reclaim your spent oil containers for proper recycling. But, if you are happy with your current supplier, yes, you can continue using your contracted distributor. If we can get you a better price or make delivery easier, we’ll be there if you want to change. If you want to participate in our Jib Reclamation Program, you unfortunately cannot continue to source through your distributor.

Not at all. It will never be full since we are monitoring the tank at all times. When the tank nears 75% capacity we come and get the used cooking oil. If you want it collected sooner and make the call directly to our rendering service, we’ll immediately move you up the schedule and the pickup will be recorded in our shared portal.

At your request, we find a renderer partner for you and negotiate a favorable rebate on your behalf. The renderer collects the used oil and recycles it into a valuable ingredients for products like biodiesel.
We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to handle, recycle and profit from your oil and grease.

Yes! A big advantage of packaged oil rather than bulk oil is the ability to purchase a wider selection of cooking oils—including popular heart-healthy varieties—at prices similar to or even lower than bulk! And with OilCare, you don’t have to handle the boxed oil at all. Our delivery service loads the boxed oil into the EZ Oil dispensary from which oil automatically flows to your vat(s).

In the past, we accepted bulk oil as an option, but we’ve learned a lot. Because it is impossible for anyone to guarantee the freshness of cooking oil when delivered in bulk, we have made it OilCare policy not to sell bulk oil. Bulk oil also increases a customer’s carbon footprint by creating redundancy in the supply chain, which goes against our sustainability mission.

We start with higher-quality packaged oil, and our equipment has superior filtration capabilities. It adds up to a cleaner used product. The result is that a higher percentage of your filled waste tank will contain product that is usable to your renderer. That equals higher rebates.

At this time, no. We render exclusively used cooking oil (UCO).

Not directly. OilCare collects fats, oils, and greases in order to help ensure that these materials are never discarded as waste. Instead, they are processed into valuable commodities; however, the heaviest user of UCO (used cooking oil) today is the biofuel industry. We have contracts with the largest biofuel creators around the world and they count on the cleaner cooking oil we guarantee because it requires less further processing on their part.

Simply said, we offer a higher yield percentage. In regular speak, you get more money because there are fewer impurities in oil we collect because the oil handling equipment we install in your store has superior filtration capabilities. The result is a cleaner used product. The result is that a higher percentage of your filled waste tank will contain product that is usable to your renderer. That equals higher rebates.

Our M3 Data Management System tracks the oil usage. There is no cheating or fixing or adjusting these volume records and these volumes are the basis for all fees and rebates. As an OilCare customer, you have access to M3. Using the M3 electronic dashboard, you can compare statistics daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also track oil usage and filtration, monitor or schedule oil pickups, and perform other diagnostics. You see exactly what we see, the same time we see it. You’ll always know what’s going on, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

Our company was founded on the promise that we could change the world. The sheer volume of cooking oil used by commercial sources in the US alone is staggering. Our sister company, Frontline International, created equipment for moving cooking oil to and from the vat, but they had no hand in what happened next and customers repeatedly asked for help to ensure the materials we collect would NEVER be disposed of as waste materials. No doubt, used cooking oil disposed of improperly would pose a significant risk to waste management infrastructure, ground water, agricultural industries, and, in general, the environment. Last point: As a business we believe in fresh cooking oil as the most valuable ingredient in your kitchen. We believe freshness matters, so we sell boxed oil exclusively. In accordance with our sustainability policy, we reclaim, separate paper and plastic, and recycle 100% of the spent oil packaging with its original manufacturer. This is an unheard-of leap forward for the packaged food industry at large.

Yes. We can work with an OilCare rendering partner to negotiate and manage waste oil reclamation. After collection, the rebates bank to your account. If your existing renderer is already an OilCare partner, we can still bundle all the services and take over management for you, saving you money on a total oil management program for which you are already buying pieces separately.

Simply said, yes. To guarantee a best price and to lineup service providers to work best with you, we use a guaranteed term as leverage to get you best pricing. But, unlike others in the market, we have flexible terms, many different packages, and you only contract for what you need, be it fresh and/or waste oil services. A good portion of the aggregated cost is paying for equipment we install to automate the fresh oil dispensing and waste cooking oil collection processes. When the equipment is paid for, it is yours. You own it. And you no longer have a contract with us. In other words, ours is as very clear and fixed service term. Once the initial term is over, you will likely want us to keep managing fresh and waste oil delivery and collection and this new service contract will reflect your ownership of your own cooking oil management equipment.

We are an independently operated sister company to Frontline International. All the cooking oil management equipment we offer is manufactured by Frontline, which created the category of smart oil management two decades ago. Frontline does not make or sell oil, collect oil, or render oil. We have relationships with other key partners to offer those services.