Fresh Oil Management

Choose OilCare’s Fresh Oil Management option, and tap the flow of fresh packaged oil to your business!

Get premium packaged cooking oil delivered right to your door — by us or your regular foodservice distribution specialist. But regardless of delivery, you will be getting the oil you choose at the lowest possible market rate. We will install the fresh oil into our automated dispensing equipment. You do nothing. And when we leave, we’ll take any used packaging away with us for 100% reclamation and re-purposing into packaging for tomorrow!

How is packaged oil better than bulk? Let us count the ways. Packaged/boxed oil stays fresher longer. Why? Because oxygen touches bulk oil the moment it is pumped into the delivery truck, and oxygen degrades oil. Then it takes the long drive to your store, meaning it’s already starting to break down by the time you get it. Packaged oil is sealed up tight until the moment you need it, meaning it arrives fresh and stays fresher longer.

Packaged oil is also available in a wider variety of choices than bulk—literally hundreds versus two or three. Think heart healthy oil. Think value-priced cooking oil. Think flavored cooking oils optimized to accentuate your menu. Choose healthier, tastier options for your customers.

And the cost for this fresher, healthier oil isn’t much different than bulk. You just get more value.