Store & Chain Reporting

Data is king. That’s true for any business, including yours.

Our M3 system is a data-mining machine. We offer data collection options that are right-sized to your business, whether it’s a small standalone kitchen, a high-volume enterprise, or a large chain of stores. The web-based software gives you a dashboard for tracking oil usage, standardizing filtration, scheduling pickups, measuring diagnostics, and more. We also monitor filtration intervals, call the collector when the tank is full, manage the collection port to ensure it remains locked until a collection is authorized and much, much more.

You will always know where your oil is, its freshness, how long it’s been in use, where used oil is stored, when it’s ready for collection by your renderer, and how much rebate you have coming back to you. There are even features that tell your employees when oil needs to be changed and lets them do it with simply the push of a button right from the fryer.

Use this technology to generate reports and use the information to run your business more efficiently and more profitably.

Store owners are better equipped to maintain oil quality—the essence of food quality—and protect their brand. They also gain insight into daily operations that allow them to maximize every penny spent and earned.

Large chains can do the same on a macro and micro level. They can also identify under-performing locations and take early action, highlight consistent performers and leverage best practices across the chain.

Your rendering team will make more timely pickups, safely collect via remote unlocking features that keep out thieves, and get higher quality used oil that yields higher rebates.