Delivery of fresh cooking oil and collection of used cooking oil.

No more endless contracts, strong-arm tactics, or being held hostage by your oil supplier.

Simply. It’s Your Choice.

We provide two services: delivering fresh cooking oil and collecting used cooking oil. Take your pick! We also offer a turnkey service called OilCare End2End. If you choose OilCare End2End®, we provide fresh cooking oil at market rate, plus tanks to collect your used oil, plus a free pickup service by national grease recyclers. And we pay you for the used oil we collect.

With OilCare, you always get the best price in the market for your fresh oil, guaranteed. No unlimited contracts either! What makes us different is what makes and saves you money — we offer the ultimate, market-based pricing for a complete bundle of oil management services.

Fresh Oil Supply

We deliver high-quality packaged oil at below market rate. We load your new automated dispensing equipment with better-than-bulk boxed oil and then reclaim used boxes and jibs.

Waste Oil Collection

Tanks for indoor and outdoor placement. Computer-controlled locking mechanism protects until scheduled pickup. Upgraded tanks available for high volume, rotisserie oils, grill oils, filters, etc.

With OilCare® End2End, you choose to lease or purchase our industry leading oil handling equipment at a fixed monthly rate. For the same monthly fee, we’ll manage everything related to cooking oil—equipment, service, fresh oil purchasing, waste oil collections, and more—and ensure each is working to your benefit.