Core Markets

Our services are easily adaptable to form right-sized cooking oil management solutions for every kind of restaurant and foodservice
environment. It doesn’t matter if your a quick service restaurant (QSR), fast casual restaurant, full-service restaurant, ghost kitchen, food truck, restaurant chain, family restaurant, gastropub, bar, tavern, bistro, fine dining institution, mall food court, or more, OilCare does it all.

Deciding on the best kitchen equipment and kitchen services is a balancing act. You must consider equipment costs, available square footage, and how to create efficiencies for your store. You must factor in safety and environmental concerns. And your decisions will affect food quality and consistency as well as the overall customer experience. But you don’t have to decide by yourself.

When it comes to handling cooking oil, OilCare understands the complexities and provides solutions that maximize food quality and profitability.

Grocers and convenience stores know the importance of offering prepared, ready-to-eat, or ready-to-heat foods, from sandwiches to entrees to sides and desserts. Consumers want to minimize the number of stops they make while on the go. Quick and convenient doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. Unlike quick-service and fast-food restaurants, grocers and other store environments need to manage a wide range of waste product, including fryer oil, rotisserie chicken fat, and combi oven greases.

The right equipment and service not only fits the business and operates efficiently, it also boosts productivity while reducing the risk of burns and slip-and-fall accidents. With OilCare, you make it easier for employees to deliver quality food and safer for them to do the job, while offering customers a wider range of freshly prepared grab-and-go food items.

Sustainability and efficiency are necessary aspects of today’s student and faculty dining facilities in schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education. OilCare can help with this mission by efficiently managing cooking oil and reducing waste. Our exclusive M3 data management system tracks usage to further sustain operations. Whether your foodservice program works from a central hub or if your campus has multi-station setups, we can easily integrate systems and locations to maximize efficiency.

High-volume foodservice for catering and special events demands reliability and consistency to turn out quality food quickly. The right equipment and service fits your business and operates efficiently. It also boosts productivity while reducing the risk of burns and slip-and-fall accidents in a fast-paced work environment. With OilCare, you can
make it easier for employees to deliver quality food fast and safer for them to do the job.

Every aspect of a guest’s stay helps create a visit to remember. Food is no small part of the experience, and hotels, casinos, and resort properties face unique challenges in serving hundreds or thousands of guests—sometimes around the clock, 365 days a year. One solution to the challenge of saving money and increasing margins on food is managing fresh cooking oil use and waste oil containment.

OilCare can help with organizing multiple kitchen setups and streamlining oil management for the safest, most efficient operations, no matter the size of your property. Whether you’re handling a corporate event, serving guests at a resort’s many restaurants, or keeping up with the demand of room service orders, we provide solutions that ensure both safe oil handling and sustainable cooking oil management.